Girl Time

Posted on July 8, 2011



written by Blakely

Every Saturday, usually when the boys have soccer games, Carrie, Heather and I have begun gathering a group of girls to have “girl time.” We decided that the girls in the community would probably enjoy doing some fun things like the boys do and it would be a great opportunity for us to build better relationships with them. The first couple of weeks we decided to paint, make bracelets, and paint fingernails, among all the other “girly” things we could think of.

the sweetest sisters, Ruth and Mimi


some of the boys joined in and thought they needed their nails painted too

girls on the porch, loooots of girls on the porch, sorry matt

Some weeks are more successful than others, but we always manage to wrangle a group of girls with the help of Nodi.

our wonderful helper, Nodi


We also decided that it was time that the girls got a turn to go to the river, no boys allowed, except for Curtis and Steve. The girls had a great time, for many it was their first time, it was awesome to see their eyes light up as we drove along the river up the mountain.

the group of girls we took to the river

jumping off the rocks


Mimi was sad she couldn't jump off the rocks with the rest of the girls, but agreed to smile for this picture

 We have been priveledged to get to know many of the young girls in this community and have been blessed by all of their unique personalities. Pray that a ministry with the girls can continue even after we leave and long into the future.

Dariana, what a cutie pie

sara and her brother oscar

rosita and her creepy baby doll with no eyes, she's crazy and always smiling

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