Picture Post

Posted on July 7, 2011



the beginnings of the mural


3rd or 4th stage of noah's ark in progress


the finished product, "La promesa de Dios" or "The promise of God"


bible lesson about salvation


relay races with the huge clothes


Tolo trying to run with his huge pants


Mimi watching the relay action as she was walking by to get soda


henri, he likes to yell "gringa..hey gringa" and then run and hide, he's cute


pochicho, one of our favorites


coming up the hill to Matt's house


l.b., pochicho, and rambo...tough guys


the U16 team playing in the rain


Yameli sweeping the dirt with a chicken box on her head, she's an interesting character


Christian, he likes to have his picture taken


a serious shot of l.b.

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