Broken Bones

Posted on June 29, 2011


Did you ever pick up a good book and start reading? I’m not a big reader and I even do that. So imagine sitting in your favorite place with a good book. Now imagine that being interupted by people rushing a young man over to where you’re sitting, all dirty in his soccer uniform. They ask you if you have money and if you can go to the hospital. Your happy place just dissapeared didnt it?
Well, on Sunday I was doing the usual soccer game thing, except this time I was sitting in my favorite truck down here

Matts Beautiful Ride

reading a book instead of watching soccer. Absolutely obserd isnt it? Especially from a person who likes soccer and used to hate reading books.


Ever was the young soccer player who appeared at the truck with his wrist looking a little funky and in alot of pain. I didnt know what hospital they wanted to go to, but I did have a truck and money, so off we went. The public hospital was nothing like I have ever experienced before. It was alot different than hospitals in the US. I have made plenty of trips to hospitals growing up with quite a few ER visits. Emergency rooms are sopposed to be fast. Definately not the case here. I think it was about 5 hours before Ever accually got into a room and about another hour before he recieved any kinda of pain reliever. All the hospitals that I have been to or stayed at had seprate rooms, each with a door. Not this one, it was more like a big room with offsets where the patients were. Having no doors opened my eyes to the medical field a little bit more. I have seen some nasty stuff, but I have never seen a bone sticking out a young boy’s arm in real life before. The boy a few beds down from Ever had fallen out of a mango tree. It was kinda nasty, but I was rather fasinated by it. Deep down I realy wanted to walk over and check out the bone potruding out of his left wrist, but I figured it would be in my best interest not to. Ever and the boy that fell from the mango tree were not the only two boys that broke their arms that day. One other boy, about 7 or 8 years old, fell off of the back of a truck. I’m no doctor – in fact I am far from it – but if something that is sopposed to be straight has a clear bend in it, I’m pretty sure its broke! Now, I dont know the correct way to set a broken bone but I will never forget how this doctor did it. It looked more like he was going to break it off. In his blue jeans and soccer jersey it looked like he saddled the boy’s upper arm and shoulder while using the side of the bed to push the arm against to straighten it. About 2 seconds later his arm was fixed and the doctor put a cast on it. Of all the accidents I had growing up I have never broke a bone. Its got to hurt but Ever didn’t cry all day sitting in the hospital. I think it was about 7pm when Everate went into surgery to have the bone set and a pin put in his arm. About 4 1/2 hours later, out he came out with a big white cast on his arm, and we headed home. Even though I’m very facinated by the whole doctor thing, I think I will stick with fixing trucks. They don’t screem in pain or shed blood everywhere.

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